Primary Mat
UV Protection



Unimprinted Mat

    • Diploma

    • Diploma with Channel Cut

    • Double Degree (Stacked)

    • Diploma with Tassel Box

    • Double Degree (Side-by-Side)

    • 5x7 Portrait

    • 5x7 Portrait with Tassel Box

    • Diploma with 5 x 7 Portrait

    • Diploma with 5 x 7 Portrait & Tassel Box

    • Diploma with Announcement

    • Diploma with Announcement & Tassel Box

    • Double Degree with Tassel Box (Stacked)

    • Triple Degree

    • Lucent Clear-over-Clear

    • Lucent Clear-over-Smoke

More Options

Customize Your Unimprinted Mat Diploma Frames

Want a professional certificate frame to showcase your achievement? Or are you looking for fantastic document frames for an alum? Our unimprinted diploma frames are the best option to showcase any well-deserved diploma or certificate. Handcrafted in the USA, our best-in-class degree frames are custom-designed to match your preference. You can customize your frame with our hassle-free online design tool.